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How Venom Could Be Incorporated In The MCU

Venom’s Introduction Could Provide A Fresh And Intriguing Addition To The Spider-Man Mythos In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Venom, one of Spider-Man’s most notorious villains, has always been a fan favorite in the Marvel comics universe. The character’s popularity was further enhanced by the 2018 movie starring Tom Hardy, which grossed over $800 million worldwide. With Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios having a deal in place to share the Spider-Man character, fans have been wondering how Venom could be incorporated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Multiversal Venom From The Sony-Verse
There are several ways in which Venom could be introduced into the MCU. The most obvious one would be through the use of the multiverse. In the comics, there are many versions of Venom, including Eddie Brock, Flash Thompson, and even Peter Parker himself. This could provide an opportunity for the MCU to introduce a different version of the character, with a unique backstory and personality.

The Spider-Man 3 Route
Alternatively, Venom could be introduced through a storyline involving the symbiote. In the comics, the symbiote is an alien organism that bonds with a host, granting them superhuman abilities but also driving them mad. This storyline could be explored in the MCU, with the symbiote being discovered by a character such as Peter Parker or a member of the Avengers.

Once the symbiote is introduced, there are several ways in which Venom’s character could be developed in the MCU. For example, his relationship with Spider-Man could be explored in more depth, with the two characters coming into conflict over the symbiote’s ownership. Alternatively, Venom could be portrayed as an anti-hero, teaming up with other heroes to take on a greater threat.

Mac Gargan Aka The Scorpian
One interesting possibility for incorporating Venom into the MCU would be through the character of Mac Gargan. In the comics, Gargan is a villain known as the Scorpion who is bonded with the symbiote to become Venom. This could provide a unique twist on the character. With Gargan already being introduced in Spider-Man Homecoming, its time for him to return.

The Sinister Six
Another possibility for introducing Venom into the MCU is through a storyline involving the Sinister Six. In the comics, the Sinister Six is a team of Spider-Man’s greatest villains who band together to take down the wall-crawler. This storyline could be adapted for the MCU. With Venom being a member of the team and providing a formidable challenge for the heroes.

The Anti-Hero Route
Regardless of how Venom is introduced into the MCU, there are several ways in which his character could be developed and explored. For example, his relationship with the symbiote could be explored in more depth. With the two characters coming to terms with their shared existence and deciding how to move forward as two separate entities.

Another possible avenue for exploring Venom’s character is through his role as an anti-hero. In the comics, Venom has often been portrayed as a violent vigilante who is willing to do whatever it takes to protect innocent people. This could provide an interesting dynamic in the MCU. With Venom struggling to reconcile his desire to do good with his violent tendencies.

Overall, there are many exciting possibilities for how Venom could be incorporated into the MCU. Whether through the use of the multiverse, a storyline involving the symbiote, or as part of the Sinister Six. His introduction could provide a fresh and intriguing addition to the Spider-Man mythos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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