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Steven Spielberg Is Right About Top Gun: Maverick’s Success

While Steven Spielberg might have been exaggerating when he told Tom Cruise that Top Gun: Maverick saved cinema, the director was not wrong about the Top Gun sequel’s impact on the industry. Very few movies can boast Top Gun: Maverick’s combination of critical acclaim and financial success. The blockbuster sequel might have taken a lengthy 36 years to make, but when Top Gun’s long-delayed follow-up finally flew into cinemas in the summer of 2022, the resounding response was that the movie was worth the wait. This was reflected in the astounding box office performance of Top Gun: Maverick.

While a lot of blockbusters released between 2020 and 2022 had been optimistically positioned as the movie that would get moviegoers back into cinemas, Top Gun: Maverick definitively earned that title. While Top Gun: Maverick is a great streaming experience too, the movie was designed to be a theatrical spectacle first and foremost. Top Gun: Maverick saw Joseph Kosinski take inspiration from Top Gun’s iconic original director, action cinema legend Tony Scott. As such, it is no surprise that Steven Spielberg acknowledged Top Gun: Maverick’s impact in conversation with Tom Cruise.


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