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Sons of Anarchy star admits he can’t ride a motorbike

FX’s Sons of Anarchy rumbled along for a long seven seasons. The biker drama series featured betrayals, crime, and beefy guys in lots and lots of leather. What more do you want?

The TV series‘ cast actually had a lot of actors who either learned or already knew how to ride motorcycles, per USA Today. While they mostly spent time being safely pulled around by off-screen vehicles and not actually speeding down highways themselves, it’s still pretty cool.

One star, however, did not share his castmates’ love affair. This member of the SAMCRO brotherhood prefers safer modes of transport. Thank you very much.

Ron Perlman, Clay Morrow in the series, captioned an on-set photo, “I gotta admit, I look pretty badass on the bike. Pretty sexy. Pretty gangsta. I also gotta admit… bikes don’t like me. And it’s mutual.” in an Instagram post.

Sons of Anarchy co-star Maggie Siff, who portrayed Tara Knowles in the thriller series, also commented on Perlman’s aversion to motorcycles in an interview with USA Today, saying, “Isn’t that funny? The toughest guy in the show, and he’s not all about riding.”You can’t tell Perlman dislikes motorcycles in the series itself, so credit where credit is due. The Hellboy actor still scores incredibly high on the cool factor scale if you ask us.

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