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Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Pens Sweet Tribute To Truely

Christine Brown, a fan-favorite on Sister Wives, posted a tribute to her youngest daughter, Truely Brown, as she recalled the time she almost lost her child to kidney failure. The mother of six has always been a strong advocate for her children, even when her ex-husband, Kody Brown, started to ignore them. Christine has ensured that all her children, including Truely, have felt loved in her own home.

Sister Wives’ Christine Brown recently surprised her followers after she shared some artwork about Truely that had been made years ago when the 3-year-old was stuck in the hospital fighting for her life. Ten years ago, Truely was rushed to the hospital and hospitalized for kidney failure.

In her post, Christine recounted how hard those 11 days were for her as she thought she might lose her daughter forever. The TLC star revealed that it was a “miracle” that Truely’s health turned around and started to get better.

Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Posts Sketches Of Truely
Sister Wives’ Truely Brown looking sad
The Sister Wives star said that while waiting in the hospital with her daughter, she decided to draw a few pictures for Truely. Christine shared two rough sketches of Truely on Instagram. One showed her sick and hooked up to dialysis tubes while lying in bed. But the other showed Truely home in Las Vegas, smiling and getting ready to go on her dream vacation to Disneyland. Christine credited these pictures as Truely’s turnaround point, noting that she began to improve from then on.

Sister Wives fans will recall that in 2014, Truely caught the flu, but after five days, she became extremely lethargic, which caused concern for Christine. Kody revealed during Sister Wives season 16 that he felt like Christine “hated” him for not being present when Truely was fighting for her life. The Brown family also didn’t have health insurance at the time, which made the situation even more stressful because Kody wasn’t working to provide for his family.

Christine left her loveless marriage to Kody in November 2021 and hasn’t looked back. For a few years prior, Truely become distressed when she interacted with Kody. The father of 18 had started to ignore her in favor of Robyn’s younger children. For Truely, it was all too much, especially when she showed no emotion to her parents getting a divorce. Sister Wives cameras even caught her questioning Kody’s nickname for her. Luckily, Truely is now happy and healthy, living with Christine in Murray, Utah.


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