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Kanye West losses another legal battle

Kanye West’s lawsuit against an Australian burger joint was dismissed by an Australian federal judge.

Last October, the embattled rapper filed a lawsuit alleging that his 2004 album debut’s name, The College Dropout, was used without his permission by the Victoria burger joint College Dropout Burgers.

Further, the rapper claimed the burger joint used misleading branding to associate with the star and his brand.

However, according to the Herald Sun, the Federal Court of Australia in Melbourne turned down the West case.

The restaurant’s owner, Mark Elkhouri’s lawyers, argued that Ye had not responded to them on several instances and had “no genuine interest in this proceeding.”

Justice Shaun McElwaine noted that West had “commenced proceedings with all guns blazing” only not to take a “step thereafter.”

Meanwhile, the plaintiff nor his new legal team was available in court today, as per ABC.

In court, Elkhouri donned a T-shirt featuring the slogan “I am not Kanye West” to court.

In a conversation with reporters, he said he was “very relieved” the case was over but told them that he’s still a fan of Ye’s earlier material.

“There were some very, very hard times in my life that [West] kind of helped me through, whether it was his previous albums and the type of message,” Elkhouri added.

Speaking on the Donda rapper’s controversial behaviour, “This Ye character – I don’t know who he is. I don’t support him.”


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