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‘Impractical Jokers’ season 10, episode 4 (03/02/23): How to watch, time, date, channel

“Impractical Jokers” is back on tonight with episode four of season 10. You can watch the comedy series on truTV or stream live on Sling (half off the first month) if you don’t have cable.

Episode three of season 10 will air tonight, Thursday, March 2 at 10 p.m. ET on truTV. There are other ways fans can catch the series. Sling TV is a streaming service that offers live entertainment, sports and news starting at $40 monthly and currently offers 50% off the first month’s subscription. DIRECTVSTREAM is another service that offers various packages, the lowest costing at $49.99 monthly. Viewers can also watch via Hulu + Live TV, which costs $69.99 monthly.In episode one of season 10 titled “Bret Michaels,” “Sal, Q and Murr are crashing and burning into product displays and hiding in tight spaces, but one of them must face the music with celebrity guest Bret Michaels.”

In episode two titled “Post Malone” “The jokers give unsolicited etiquette advice and live tape strange product reviews; one lucky joker takes all the blame for celebrity guest Post Malone.” In episode three titled “Anthony Davis,” “From working remotely to pitching unconventional business ideas with Steve Byrne, one Joker has a shot at winning a pair of highly sought-after sneakers thanks to NBA star Anthony Davis.” What’s Coming Up: In episode four titled “John Mayer,” “Joined by John Mayer, the Jokers must convince unsuspecting temps to accompany them to a business dinner; the losing Joker has to face the wrath of angry Mayer fans in a humiliating punishment.”


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