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How Welcome to Plathville’s Lydia Is Stepping Out Of Her Comfort Zone

The most conservative of the Welcome to Plathville children, Lydia Plath, recently made quite a statement after an impromptu shopping trip. The third-eldest daughter of Kim and Barry Plath has always made sure to follow the rules her parents laid out for her. This has included being educated at home and dressing modestly.

For their entire life, the Plath children were brought up under strict Christian values that included no sugar, TV, or video games. Welcome to Plathville’s Lydia Plath was the apple of her parent’s eye as she always followed the rules without question. Even though a few of Lydia’s siblings have gone their own way, the devout Christian felt no need to follow in Moriah and Ethan Plath’s footsteps. Instead, Lydia has doubled down on her religious lifestyle and rarely strayed away from her norm.

Lydia Plath Shops Till She Drops
Recently, Lydia shared an update on her Instagram Story via u/Snark63 on Reddit, where she revealed she purchased a risqué blue dress. Even though the gown was below the knees and covered the Welcome to Plathville star’s shoulders, the dress was very form-fitting. To many, the design went against everything Lydia, whose shirt went viral on Instagram, claims she stands for, especially since the front has see-through lace, a key loop open back, and a plunging neckline. In the Reddit thread, fans couldn’t help but wonder if the Welcome to Plathville star was beginning to try out a new sense of style for herself.

Lydia Plath Looks Happy Than Ever
Even though Welcome to Plathvile star Lydia shared that the dress was an “impromptu” purchase, fans could tell she was happy with her purchase as it made her feel more confident. Sadly, some thread participants felt Lydia looked more like Blanche Devereaux from the hit 80s series Golden Girls. Some joked, sharing that Lydia, who had some terrible musical moments, looked like she walked straight out of the 1980s “Dynasty” period. While Lydia was thriving with her out-of-the-box dress, many thought she looked like she was getting ready for a night out in 1960.

Since the latest season of Welcome to Plathville wrapped, Lydia has kept her fans updated on her social media. The proud sister has continued to teach her siblings after their mother, Kim, left and started dating someone new. After Barry and Kim’s divorce, Lydia chose to support her father and has been by his side ever since. Lydia may have been left confused about her parent’s failed marriage but she still stands firm in her own belief system, even when Welcome to Plathville fans don’t agree with her.


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