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Demon Slayer season 3 episode 1 sets up an epic Swordsmith Village arc

Demon Slayer season three is nearly here, but fans were able to get an early peak at its extra-long first episode in cinemas around the world this month. But what does the hour-long anime spectacular tell us about the show’s future? Demon Slayer season three picks up immediately after season two, with Tanjiro and co being collected from the rubble of their Entertainment District battle.

It then switches gears into one of the strongest 10-minute segments of the series so far, setting up Demon Slayer’s next arc in a delightfully sinister way. We jump from the real world into Demon Slayer’s mind-bending Infinity Castle, as Upper Rank Demon Akaza (who we met during the Mugen Train arc) and the other top Kizuki are summoned before big bad Muzan Kibutsuji to discuss Gyutaro’s death. You’d be forgiven for not remembering, but Gyutaro and Daki were the sibling demons that Tanjiro defeated at the end of season two.

To be frank, the animation in this sequence is absolutely bananas. Akaza leaps, flies and falls through tunnels and spires of shifting architecture with grace and ease – all of which reminds viewers that a) Demon Slayer is back, and b) budget was clearly not an issue. And then, if that wasn’t enough, the meeting of the Upper Rank Demons that follows is a masterclass in table setting and mystery building.

We’re quickly introduced to Akaza’s rivals, all of whom have striking designs and wonderfully sinister descriptions. It’s here we meet Kokushibo, aka the top-ranking Kizuki, a master of stealth and someone you’ll definitely want to remember for later.


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