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Dakota Johnson says her mom Melanie Griffith embarasses her in front of a lot of people

Melanie Griffith embarasses her daughter Dakota Johnson, like most moms do. In an appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden, Dakota talked about her mom and her penchant for sharing embarrassing childhood photos of Dakota over social media.

Dakota has been promoting her new film, “The Lost Daughter” and making appearances on a variety of shows. On “The Late Late Show With James Corden,” Dakota kicked off the show with a slight glitch in her wardrobe, sitting with her hands on her legs, trying to make up for the dress’ short lenght. “Do you want my jacket?” James asked. “I’m okay. It’s nothing nobody has ever seen,” Dakota said.

When talking about social media, James said that he loved that Dakota wasn’t online. He also said that both of her parents are, and love to share embarassing photos of her. “They enjoy to post photos of you as a child. Do you like that?” James asked. Dakota answered straight away. “No, I don’t like it. But I also don’t go on social media and don’t find out about it until somebody sends it to me and is like ‘oh, you were so ugly!’” she said. Dakota explains that this behavior from her parents makes her act like a 12 year old. “I’m like ‘Mom! You can’t do that. We’ve had this conversation so many times’” she said, pretending to type on a phone. “She doesn’t care.”

“My mom is the most amazing person, but she embarrasses me in front of a lot of people,” Dakota said, remembering a time where they ran into her childhood crush, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, at the airport. When Melanie called him over to introduce them, Dakota tried to hide behind a plant and never came out to meet him. “It was obvious, I was very visible,” she said. “I couldn‘t hide behind the plant…it wasn’t like a tree.” Melanie Griffith had Dakota with Don Johnson. She has two more kids, Alexander, with Steven Bauer, and Stella, with Antonio Banderas.


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