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Cobra Kai season 6 premiere date: A spin-off question

As so many of you already know at this point, Cobra Kai season 6 is going to be the final one over on Netflix. Of course, it would be great if there were more seasons coming down the road, but that’s simply not going to be the case.Recently, we discussed that it was actually the creative team’s decision to say goodbye to the hit Karate Kid sequel, but there remains something curious about the statements that we’ve seen. In particular, we’re talking about the ones noting that there could still be something more within the Miyagi-verse and they are not necessarily done telling stories yet.

Is this a confirmation of a spin-off down the road? Not at all. Netflix and the studio hold a lot of power over this, but it definitely leaves the door open for a possibility. This leads to us to the question we note in the title: Could we actually hear news about a spin-off before season 6 premieres?Let’s map that out for a moment — odds are, the final season will drop in the first half of 2024 unless production moves forward at some super-rapid pace. That means that there are nine-plus months for Netflix or the producers to release something. There’s a case to do that to keep the excitement going, but we don’t necessarily think that is going to happen.Instead, what we tend to think is a little more likely is that we find out about a possible spin-off when season 6 is airing — or, that there are a few possibilities planted in the final season and the producers can the gauge viewer interest. The show could do some sort of prequel; or, follow the lives of one of the students moving forward. We don’t know if you can do another show following Daniel or Johnny, given that it would basically just be Cobra Kai season 7 at that point. Yet, all of this is fun to think about.

Do you think we’re going to learn about a possible Cobra Kai spin-off before season 6 even premieres?
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