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5 Last Of Us Game Moments That Still Need To Happen Before Season 1 Ends

HBO’s The Last of Us still has five important game moments that need to happen before season 1 ends. If the series continues to follow The Last of Us part 1, these moments are likely to happen in the last two episodes. There is a chance that The Last of Us will surprise video game fans and make some changes from the game. But, if creators Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann stick to the same level of continuity as in previous episodes, the audience will be experiencing some heart-wrenching scenes in the final two weeks.

The Last of Us episode 7 ended with the same cliffhanger as episode 6 with Ellie desperately trying to save Joel. If The Last of Us series follows the game, Joel will survive, thanks to Ellie’s efforts. However, Joel’s final decisions in The Last of Us part 1 aren’t for the faint of heart. Pedro Pascal brings an enormous amount of depth and likability to Joel, so it will be hard to come to terms with his decisions in The Last of Us finale. Nevertheless, there are still some major moments that need to happen.

Ellie Meets David & His Cannibalistic Group
The next major event for The Last of Us season 1 to document is Ellie’s encounter with David. If the show follows the flow of the game, Ellie will meet David shortly after stitching up Joel. When Ellie is out hunting for food, she meets David – played by original The Last of Us actor Troy Baker. She doesn’t trust them but decides to trade with them because they have antibiotics that she can use to heal Joel. David seems to take a creepy liking to her and tries to convince her that he can keep her safe. Ellie rejects him and takes the penicillin to heal Joel.

Unfortunately, David and his group track down Ellie. They imprison her and David tries to persuade her to join his side. At David’s hideout, Ellie finds out they are cannibals. Disgusted, Ellie rejects David’s advances again, which results in David threatening to eat her in the morning. Meanwhile, Joel wakes up and goes in search of Ellie. This moment is significant as it sets up both a moment of heartbreaking violence for Ellie and Joel finally accepting Ellie as his pseudo-daughter. It may take a while, but without encountering David’s group, these two things couldn’t happen.

Ellie Kills David
In a major character-building moment, Ellie kills one of David’s crew and is able to escape from captivity. This leads to a brutal fight between David and Ellie where Ellie must kill David to survive. She hacks him up with a machete, resulting in her breaking down in tears. Joel finds Ellie and is able to comfort her after she finishes the horrendous deed.

Ellie killing David foreshadows future violence in Ellie’s life and marks the first time she had to brutally murder another human being. While it is implied that Ellie killed Riley after she was Infected, Ellie still maintains much of her innocence for the majority of The Last of Us show. Killing David is a significant turning point for Ellie since it’s the moment she lost the remainder of her childishness.

Joel And Ellie See Giraffes
After the awful winter where Joel is injured and Ellie is captured, the video game shifts seasons to spring. Joel and Ellie have finally made it to their destination, the Firefly hospital and base. However, on their way there, Ellie is amazed by a giraffe. Joel and Ellie bond as they pet the giraffe. The two then see a group of giraffes moving off into the distance which not only looks beautiful in the game but gives Joel and Ellie one last quiet moment before the finale.

The giraffe scene is significant because it shows how creatures can go on living beyond the devastation of the outbreak. At this point in the game, Joel tells Ellie that she doesn’t need to go through with this. However, Ellie believes they have come too far and done too many awful things to quit now. Joel is desperate fo r them to go back to Tommy, to a safe pack, as the giraffes have found.


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