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1 Wheel Of Time Season 2 Character Can Finally Explain Perrin’s Powers

One of the new characters joining The Wheel of Time season 2 means the series is finally about to explain Perrin’s powers. In season 1 of the Amazon series, Marcus Rutherford’s Perrin Aybara developed mysterious abilities tied to the wolves in Wheel of Time’s world. However, the show has yet to offer an explanation for what these abilities actually are or why he suddenly has them.

Of course, the nature of Perrin’s powers isn’t a secret in the source material. In fact, Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time books explained them as early as the first book, The Eye of the World. Perrin is a Wolfbrother, a term that describes people who can communicate telepathically with wolves. As a result of this ability, wolves treat Wolfbrothers as members of their pack and fight by their side when they’re in danger, hence why they came to Perrin’s aid when the Children of the Light were holding him captive. Wolfbrothers are identified by their yellow eyes, though Perrin’s eye color only seems to change to yellow when his powers are in use.

What Elyas Machera Means For Perrin’s Story
Perrin standing by himself with an orange hued background in The Wheel of Time
So far, Amazon’s show has avoided providing any answers to its Perrin mystery, but casting details regarding Wheel of Time season 2 are a good sign that the show’s Wolfbrother reveal is coming. It’s been confirmed that Gary Beadle will be making an appearance as Elyas Machera at some point in season 2. His inclusion is a huge development, considering that he’s the person the books used to introduce the Wolfbrother concept. Perrin didn’t have an idea of what was happening to him until he met Elyas, a fellow Wolfbrother, who laid it all out for him in The Eye of the World.

Since helping Perrin understand his place in the world is ultimately what defined Elyas’ role in the books, it makes sense that Perrin’s abilities have everything to do with why he’s joining the series. From the beginning, it was expected that the TV version of the Elyas would fulfill the same purpose as his book counterpart, but Wheel of Time season 1 cast doubt on that by skipping the part where Elyas showed up. In the books, Elyas encountered Perrin when the latter was traveling with Egwene after being separated from the group. When this event came and went without Elyas showing up, it became a real possibility that the show had no intention of adapting him.

How Perrin Can Meet Elyas In Wheel of Time Season 2

Elyas had no role in the adventures the show is expected to cover in season 2, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be worked into Perrin’s upcoming arc. One route the series might take in introducing him involves Elyas becoming a part of the show’s Horn of Valere story. In the books, Perrin is one of several characters tasked with finding the Horn after it was taken out of Fal Dara by Padan Fain. Based on how The Wheel of Time season 1 ended, this is what’s next for Perrin in the show. If so, Elyas could be one of the characters they cross paths with on their way to recovering the Horn.


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