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Will Adele *Ever* Run Out Of Creative Hairstyles At Her Vegas Shows?

It’s hard to believe Adele’s Las Vegas residency has already been going for a whopping 14 weeks. What’s even more mind-blowing, though, is how her hair and makeup team keep continually coming up with fresh looks for each weekend — just when you think Adele’s hit peak glam, the next weekend comes along and flips it all on its head. While all of Adele’s Vegas residency hairstyles are so different and distinct, they share a few a few common threads: like Adele’s music, they all feel a little retro-inspired; each style is designed to withstand a full-fledged performance; and they all have to look as incredible on-camera as they do in-person. But when you work with a celebrity hairstylist of Sami Knight’s caliber, the process is bound to be a bit easier.

While every look feels in line with Adele’s vintage-tinged aesthetic, they also also show off her increasingly experimental side — and with sold-out audiences from all over the world hanging on her every word at the Weekends With Adele performances, why not play around with different styles? Ahead, a look at some of Adele’s best hairstyles from her Vegas residency shows so far, ranging from the classic to the delightfully unexpected. Adele makes no bones about her love for the aughts, and this sleek, sultry combination of a teased crown and a slicked-down center part checks every box. A more elevated version of styles popular in the ‘00s, it’s functional, too — note how it’s still in place even as she greets fans up close.

When Adele debuted this lush tangle of tighter curls, you could practically feel the internet’s collective breath intake. By parting the curls to one side, it allowed them to cascade down her sculpted cheeks for a romantic effect. Perhaps the most dramatic look of her Vegas run so far, fans are already begging for a red carpet version. Glamour, thy name is Adele. For weekend five of the residency, Knight created a smooth, pulled-back bun, braided and fastened just above the nape of her neck. A more elegant take on the slicked buns so popular with celebrities and on social media, it might be the most versatile look of the bunch.

Perhaps the closest look to a “consummate Adele” style, this larger-than-life ponytail is a retro reference, yes, but still manages to feel so distinctly her. The high positioning, major volume, and curls through the ends are cheerful and campy, helping create the coolest silhouette onstage. If Cher Horowitz had 16 Grammys, this is probably how she’d look. Adele and Knight nailed one of the year’s biggest trends with a stunning blowout, center-parted for extra ‘90s energy. The style’s sleek nature helps show off all the shades and dimension in her blonde hair.


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