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Who is Dustin on ‘A Million Little Things’? Donald Sales Returns in Season 5

A Million Little Things is four episodes into its fifth and final season on ABC, but before it says goodbye for good it plans to bring back a number of familiar faces, including Delilah Dixon (Stephanie Szostak), who relocated to France in Season 4.

At the end of Episode 4, “A Bird In The Hand,” which premiered on Wednesday, March 1, Regina (Christina Moses) unexpectedly stumbled on another long-lost character: Dustin (Donald Sales). Regina and Sophie’s (Lizzy Greene) search for Alex Joseph, the man who sang with Sophie outside their food truck, led Regina to reunite with Dustin while she was passing out sandwiches to a group of unhoused people. In the episode’s final scene, Dustin grabs a bag of food from Regina’s tray, she catches his eye, and after he tries to hide his face and walk away she calls out his name. He turns to face her and the ends credits roll, which suggests he’ll be back next week.

It’s been a while since A Million Little Things fans have seen Dustin on their screens, so who is Dustin? And what do we know about Donald Sales, the actor who plays him? Read on for everything we know about Sales and his character.Prior to his Season 5 cameo, Dustin appeared in three episodes of A Million Little Things. Per IMDb, we first met him in the 2019 episode “The Perfect Storm,” and he returned in 2021 for “Justice: Part 1” and “Justice: Part 2.” In Season 2, Episode 4, “The Perfect Storm,” when Regina’s old restaurant “Someday” loses power from a storm, Dustin — a DWP worker — walks inside to dry off. Regina treats him like family and asks him if he’s hungry. He gives her the headlight from his helmet so she can prepare his food in dark, and she tells him to call his crew in for a family-style feast.


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