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When Calls the Heart season 11: Why the early renewal happened

Earlier this week, we received some truly spectacular news when it comes to When Calls the Heart at Hallmark Channel. Not only is season 10 premiering come Sunday, July 30, but we also are getting a season 11 down the road! We know that to some, the timing of the latter news may come as a big shock; this is months earlier than when the season 10 renewal was announced in 2022. Also, the show has yet to even air a single episode and the network, with that, cannot monitor the ratings. Ultimately, we do think that there are a few reasons that this happened, and all of them are worthy of some discussion.

1. A show of faith – We’d seen a lot of out-there rumors related to When Calls the Heart the past few weeks, whether it be that the network doesn’t care about the show or that it’s about to be moved somewhere else. This is Hallmark telling you not to worry. The change to summer is actually them saying that they know it can perform there and in renewing it early, they are saying not to worry. 2. Lead-up time for season 11 – While the premiere date for season 10 is not changing, the production dates for season 11 most likely will not. New episodes could be getting filmed right around the time season 10 premieres, since summer / fall is the ideal weather to shoot in British Columbia. The early renewal gives everyone time to prepare. 3. Long-term stability – It benefits Hallmark to plan ahead with their schedule, especially since they have a lot of reasonably-new series at the moment. It’s nice for them to know what they have here and there. Personally, we’d say to expect season 11 to premiere in summer 2024 … but yea, it’s so early that anything and everything could change.


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