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Watch the first clip from The Last Kingdom movie Seven Kings Must Die

The fifth and final season of The Last Kingdom wrapped up on Netflix last year, but we’re not quite done yet. The first five seasons adapted the first 10 books in Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Stories series, which tells the tale of how Uhtred of Bebbanburg reclaimed his ancestral castle…but Cornwell wrote three more books before completing his series. Seven Kings Must Die will draw on those to bring Uhtred’s story to a close. Seven Kings Must Die comes out next month! To get us hyped, Netflix has released a new clip. Watch below: To start, we have to talk about Uhtred’s hair. He’s supposed to be quite a bit older in this final stretch of his journey, so it looks like the production has outfitted actor Alexander Dreymon with some long grey locks. At least they’re trying to make him look a bit older; usually the rule on set was just to not ask about his age.

Which seven kings must die in The Last Kingdom movie?
As for the clip itself, Ingrith — who was introduced in season 5 as the wife of Finan, who looks about as old as he ever did — shares that she’s had a dream she thinks is a prophecy: “Hear my words: Seven kings must die.” Hey, she said the title!  So which seven kings could she be talking about? It’s not 100% clear, but fans have pieced together that the seven kings may be rulers who fight against Uhtred at the Battle of Brunanburh, an important historical battle that marked the beginning of a united England, something that the show has been working towards for a long time. They may include King Constantin of Alba, who we met in season 5; a king named Domnall who serves under him; Norse leader Anlaf; Owain king of Strathclyde; Gibleachán of Sudreyar; Ingilmundr; Thorfinn of Orkney; and Prince Cellach of Alba.


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