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The Rookie teases tragic death of beloved character in dramatic promo

The Rookie has left fans on the edge of their seats with a new trailer for an upcoming episode which has teased the death of one of the show’s most loved characters. The new clip, shared on the drama’s official social media pages, showed glimpses from the episode, which is set to air on 21 March and will be another documentary-style hour. Watch the promo below.The caption read: “Aaron just said WHAT?!? You won’t want to miss a second when #TheRookie returns, March 21 on ABC and Stream on Hulu.”

In one clip, Tim Bradford and Lucy Chen (played by Eric Winter and Melissa O’Neil) are giving an interview about their undercover mission, when Tim says: “As police officers, your future is ever certain.”In the next scene, Wade Grey (Richard T. Jones) tells the documentary crew: “Which made what happened next so tragic,” before cutting to Aaron Thorsen (Tru Valentino) opening a trash can and telling his team over the radio: “I just found a body. It’s Sergeant Tim Bradford.”

Taking to the comments section, fans expressed their fears for Tim. Referring to Tim’s relationship with Lucy, one person wrote: “My Chenford heart will NOT SURVIVE THIS EPISODE!!”A second fan tweeted: “No, I don’t think you understand… like, I love the whole cast but Tim is my favorite character. It better be Jake. I won’t get over it if it’s Tim,” while another added: “No, what did you do? Don’t play with me @therookie I’m already emotionally unstable.”


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