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The director of the best House of the Dragon episode returns for season 2

House of the Dragon had two showrunners for its first season: Ryan Condal handled the writing side and Miguel Sapochnik handled the directing. Sapochnik left the show ahead of season 2 (possibly for really gossip magazine-worthy reasons), so Condal will be going it alone, although HBO is bringing in Game of Thrones veteran Alan Taylor to help with directing.

We know Taylor will be directing multiple episodes of House of the Dragon season 2. But who will be joining him? Redanian Intelligence, a fansite with a good reputation for sniffing out these kinds of things, reports that Geeta Patel, the director of House of the Dragon Episode 8, “The Lord of the Tides,” will be among the lineup.

This is great news, because “The Lord of the Tides” was absolutely the best episode of House of the Dragon season 1, and I am willing to battle anyone who disagrees. This was the episode where a dying King Viserys dragged himself out of bed and across the floor to the Iron Throne in a scene that still makes me mist up:

Geeta Patel, who directed King Viserys’ slow walk to the Iron Throne, returns for House of the Dragon season 2 RI doesn’t know how many episodes of season 2 Patel will direct, but hopefully it’s as many as possible. RI has also heard that Claire Kilner may return for season 2; she directed a few episodes of House of the Dragon season 1, including the fantastic “King of the Narrow Sea” and the far less successful (in my opinion, anyway) “The Green Council.”

Moreover, they’ve heard that Loni Peristere may join the directing lineup for season 2. Peristere is best known for his work on the show Warrior, which is the best series that no one watches. Really, if you want a great action series, check out Warrior on HBO Max. Any show could benefit from having Loni Peristere on its team, including House of the Dragon, so I hope this is true. We’ll probably separate the truth from the rumors as filming gets underway on House of the Dragon season 2 this year. New episodes are due out sometime in 2024.


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