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The Boys Season 4 Can Finally Use 1 Missing Homelander Power

Homelander has always been the most powerful Supe on The Boys, but season 4 could finally add one of his missing powers from the comics.Homelander could be even more powerful in The Boys season 4, as his missing comic power can finally be used in the series. The Seven’s leader has always been shown as the king of Vought’s superhero empire, as Antony Starr’s character is essentially an evil Superman driven by his own insecurities and disdain. The Boys season 3 finally gave Homelander some more competition when it came to other Supes who could challenge his power. Introducing Soldier Boy and giving Billy Butcher powers both played a hand in Homelander’s need to push himself to the limits to showcase his power.

The Boys has taken Homelander’s powers to new heights in the series by effectively putting him in charge of Vought, while some political ambitions could also factor into his ultimate goal at this point. The increased power he has within the Supes world comes as The Boys season 3’s ending teased Homelander’s willingness to use his abilities more freely. The show has never shied away from showing his flight, laser-vision, super strength, and near invincibility as a means of showcasing its main villain. The series has routinely left Homelander’s sonic scream comic power out, but The Boys could change this soon.

Homelander’s sonic scream can easily be included in The Boys season 4 after recent revelations. The ending of season 3 confirmed that Supe powers do have the potential to evolve, as shown through Starlight finally flying in the finale. This opens the door for The Boys season 4 to add Homelander’s missing comic power. His sonic scream could be a subtle evolution of his powers. After demonstrating super strength, super speed, x-ray vision, super hearing, and more, Homelander’s voice becoming superhuman would make sense.

There is also the potential that Homelander’s sonic scream has always been part of his power set in The Boys, but he was not able to really use it before. The sonic scream can create mass destruction with ease, but it is also a rather unique phenomenon. Covering his tracks after one of these yells could be difficult, so he may have elected never to use it as an adult. However, now that The Boys season 4 is set to explore a version of Homelander whose violence is more accepted by a segment of society, part of him becoming more unhinged could include finally showcasing his sonic scream power.


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