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Severance season 2 is not coming to Apple TV+ in March 2023

We are so sorry for being the ones to give you the crushing reminder that the wait for Severance season 2 continues this month. That’s right, the upcoming season of Severance is not coming out on Apple TV+ in March 2023. Do we know when Severance season 2 is coming out? If not in March, when? Are we in for a long wait? Here is your monthly Severance update. The season 1 finale left viewers on the edge of their seats with the most intense cliffhanger. I don’t know about you, but I was devastated there was no next episode. I truly thought there was more. Needless to say, Severance season 2 can’t get here soon enough!

Severance season 2 release date predictions
At the time of this writing, no release date has been announced, but we can take a guess! Ben Stiller did share that season 2 began shooting in October 2022 and will film for seven months, Giant Freakin Robot reports.That said, May 2023 is the month filming will wrap. But that doesn’t mean the season will be ready to go right away. After filming, there is editing and final touches to go through. The earliest we may see the season premiere is in the final months of the year. We’re thinking October or November. As soon as we learn more details about the upcoming season, we will update this post.

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Severance season 2 plot
The source also reports that no time will be skipped. Season 2 will kick off right after the shocking revelation that Gemma is still alive. Gemma is the former Lumon wellness counselor, Ms. Casey. But did Mark alert his sister of this before he was lost consciousness as in innie? We know he shouted she’s alive, but was anyone able to hear him? Fingers crossed! Though, I don’t see how Mark and the others are going to be getting out of this one!


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