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Sarah Michelle Gellar responds after Buffy fan says show saved him from tornado

Sarah Michelle Gellar amused her Instagram followers by sharing a video of a fan claiming that Buffy saved his family. The man said in a TikTok that his love of the show meant he survived a tornado and was able to rescue his family too. In the clip, a younger man is seen asking his dad to remind him of how “Buffy The Vampire Slayer saved all of our lives”. The father then explained: “Well the series finale was coming on and I wasn’t going to miss it. Sirens going off, tornado, blah blah blah. “But your Mama was so scared, she got all you kids and all the neighbours and went down in the storm cellar. “So I sat there and I said, ‘F*** it I’m watching Buffy’.”

He said he watched the episode and after it was finished he went to find his family. “I’m looking for you all and you all are nowhere around,” he said. “So I go out back and hear you all in the storm cellar screaming for somebody to let you out. “A big old oak tree had fallen over on top of the door and trapped you all inside. So if I had been inside that cellar with you, we’d all have been dead.” His son then chimed in: “So literally we all owe our lives to Sarah Michelle Gellar.”

He then thanked the actor for everything she did, but she shared the clip and wrote: “You don’t owe me anything.” Fans loved the story, posting messages on social media about how many times Buffy did save the world in the programme. ‘F*** it I’m watching Buffy’ is my life motto,” said one fan. “Not all heroes wear capes… but they do carry stakes,” posted another. One fan shared: “Not nearly as dramatic as this but my mom chose to watch a Buffy RERUN instead of taking cover during a tornado. Gellar played Buffy Summers on the supernatural drama from 1997 to 2003, starring in seven series. The series also starred Nicholas Brendon, Alyson Hannigan and Anthony Head.


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