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Ryan Seacrest is Happy Hosting ‘American Idol’ After Two Decades

Ryan Seacrest is happy to host American Idol after 21 years of doing the same thing. American Idol Ryan Seacrest recently admitted this to the judges of the iconic show at their get-together. Get the details below.

Ryan Seacrest is Happy To Host American Idol
American Idol Ryan Seacrest is still happy to be hosting American Idol after over two decades. Ryan and the American Idol crew, including judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan, were at ET. The quad asked each other questions about season 21 and the craziest auditions they’ve witnessed to date. When asked if he’s still happy hosting the singing competition series, Ryan said, “Yes. Yes, I am. “I really like the live shows.”

Judges Share Their Craziest Moments On The Show
Katy, Luke, and Lionel have been together for six seasons on AI. Expectedly, the group has seen some wild things during their time as judges. For their wildest experience, they agreed that it would be meeting contestants who share the same name as them. “We’ve had contestants named Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan,” Katy shared. “I met a Ryan Seacrest,” Ryan also chimed in. “I met them. Met her. It was like looking in a mirror,” he joked. “We met us. It was wild,” Katy added.We’re in our sixth season together,” Ryan shared. The AI host said it’s unbelievable how they have been together for six years and are still friends. “Everybody enjoys everybody,” he added.

Lionel said their bond makes it possible for them to joke around and play with one another. Lionel pointed out the group’s non-stop shenanigans adding that they no longer worry about being polite. Instead, they go all out on their pranks now. The judges and Ryan genuinely enjoy spending time together and have built a bond over the last six seasons. “Just that familiarity between us,” Katy said when asked about her favorite thing about being on the road together. “Finding incredible talent. Discovering incredible talent and going to these really cool cities we get to go to.”

Richie added that simply hanging out on every trip helps them discover new things about each other. He revealed that he always discovers something new each time just when he thinks he knows everything about his colleagues. Knowing that American Idol Ryan Seacrest still enjoys hosting American Idol is beautiful. Hopefully, the group will continue to enjoy their time on the show for a long time.


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