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‘One Piece’ Creator Eiichiro Oda Asks ChatGPT to Write Next Chapter of Manga

Already using AI to interpret an illustration of Lucci, One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda has continued to show his interest in the unique and powerful technology development. This time around, Oda asked artificial intelligence chatbot software ChatGPT to write the next chapter of the One Piece manga.

Sharing the entire exchange on Twitter, the creator started by telling the AI he can’t think of a story for the next chapter. Asking if the bot can write “an especially entertaining one.”

ChatGPT came up with a story about the “King of Shadows” who kidnaps Chopper, and in order to defeat him, Robin aligns herself with the “Shadow Tribe” from her past. Ultimately, the Straw Hat Pirates come together to defeat the King of Shadows and rescue Chopper.

“What do you think of this story?,” the AI asked Oda. “It has a shadow-controlling villain, a mysterious race of shadow people, and new friends. Robin’s role will also be important. Readers will want to pay attention to her knowledge and actions.” To which Eiichiro Oda replied,” Sorry, this is boring. Could you please present a more interesting idea?”

ChatGPT then came up with a story about an alien that infiltrated the Straw Hat Pirates after its home planet was destroyed by an evil spaceship. Aided by the crew in its pursuit, Luffy and his companions reach an island where an evil witch lives, the witch plans to steal the alien’s Star Fragment. The captain and crew help defeat the witch and use the Star Fragment to restore the alien’s planet.

This time Oda said, “Thank you! I will write it exactly like that!” We will need to stay tuned to see if the creator actually goes forward with the story idea for the next chapter of One Piece.


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