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Neil Gaiman Proposes a Suitably Chaotic Way to Cast The Sandman’s Delirium

The Sandman co-creator Neil Gaiman recently proposed a suitably chaotic way to cast the Netflix adaptation’s Delirium. Responding to a fan on Twitter, Gaiman joked that the Sandman fanbase’s top choices to play Delirium should fight each other for the role in an abandoned castle. While Gaiman was clearly being glib, the casting process he outlined would no doubt appeal to Delirium herself, given she’s the personification of disordered thinking.

Delirium was one of several Endless family members absent from The Sandman Season 1, however, Gaiman confirmed she will appear in Season 2 in December 2022. “We have more members of the Endless coming [in The Sandman Season 2], including the youngest member of the Endless,” he said. “Don’t tell anybody, but it’s Delirium. There will be butterflies, there will be balloons, there will be magic, there will be chicken and telephone-flavored ice cream.” Gaiman expressed enthusiasm at the prospect of bringing Delirium to the screen several months earlier, noting that she was one of his favorite characters to write in the original DC Comics series.

Neil Gaiman Discusses Casting the Endless
Indeed, Gaiman’s affection for Delirium is so great, he previously admitted that he’s constantly casting the role in his head. The celebrated scribe added that this was true of Delirium’s brother, Destruction, who is seemingly set to make his live-action debut in The Sandman Season 2, as well. “Right now, what we’re doing is every time I think of or run into or pass or notice an actor who could be either a Destruction or a Delirium, [The Sandman showrunner] Allan [Heinberg] gets an email,” Gaiman said. Neither Gaiman nor Heinberg have publicly confirmed when auditions for Delirium and Destruction will take place, though.

Regardless of when the roles are filled, Gaiman remains adamant that Delirium and Destruction will definitely make the jump to the small screen, despite speculation Netflix could axe The Sandman Season 2. These rumors sprang up following reports of tension between Warner Bros. Discovery and Netflix in late 2022. Gaiman has stated on multiple occasions that this alleged behind-the-scenes conflict won’t affect The Sandman’s second season, stating as much on both Twitter and Tumblr. “[I]f there’s a Netflix and nothing unforeseen and tragic happens to close the world or the show down, then there will be more Sandman,” he wrote on Tumblr.


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