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Megan Fox refuses to admit plastic surgery: Instead of getting married, she is also dealing with couples therapy

At the end of January, model and actress Megan Fox showed off a new hairstyle, albeit a temporary one. She shed her long dark mane and appeared for the first time in a blonde mikade. After all, this is not the only hair change in the last year. In last year’s Good Mourning, for example, she showed how she looks with fuchsia hair color. But what else has she changed in recent years? Appearance is a basic prerequisite for success, both acting and modeling, for Megan Fox. After all, she also built her entire career on it. However, many fear that all sorts of adjustments will sooner or later take their toll on her.

Photos from her youth convinced her
Megan Fox is said to be one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood. But at what cost? During her approximately twenty-year career, she changed beyond recognition. In the past, however, the star of the Transformers adventure series denied the plastic and any other changes. She denied both claims that she had lip fillers and that she had botox or facelift surgery. However, her old photos prove the exact opposite. In March 2022, the paparazzi were spotted at the famous plastic surgery clinic in Beverly Hills. Kim Kardashian and her sister Kourtney also visit the same building to beautify their appearance. She allegedly stayed here for three hours, entering and leaving the building almost perfectly disguised. With a big pink hat on his head and a white mask on his face. She herself admitted to Rolling Stone magazine in 2009: “There are things I like about myself and things I don’t like. The eyes and hair are good.” Almost in one breath, she added that people often make fun of her because of her height, as she is “only” 168 cm tall.

What did you get improved?
In America, bets are being placed on how many secret sculptures Megan Fox probably has. Several plastic surgeons also commented on the change in her appearance, but they have nothing to do with the change in the actress’ appearance. According to them, she has enlarged breasts, several nose jobs, cheek implants and a face lift. Filled lips are just the imaginary icing on the cake. After all, she already showed them for the first time in Transformers, where as a seductive car mechanic Mikaela tried to save the world together with her friend Sam, played by Shia LaBeouf .


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