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Mayans MC season 5 premiere date: How imminent is it?

Odds are, you are pretty darn excited to see the premiere of Mayans MC season 5 over on FX. How can you not be, all things considered? This is the final chapter of the story and based on everything we’re seeing and hearing right now, things are going to be epic … and dangerous … and probably a whole lot more. We’ll have to wait and see just how things unravel from start to finish, but we tend to think there’s going to be a lot of death and destruction before EZ’s story wraps up.So, for now, just how eager is the network when it comes to announcing a premiere date? We tend to think that they’d love to get some more news out there as soon as possible … at least within a certain measure of reason.

We do think an announcement is likely to come for season 5 over the next month and a half, but we’d be surprised if it is coming in the next week. Filming is still going on, and we do tend to think that FX will be fairly patient to let certain parts of the story get polished up a little bit.

After all, remember this: There doesn’t have to be that much of a hurry here! Viewers will check out the show whenever it is back, and we tend to think that May is the most likely period of time we’ll be waiting until. That allows the network a chance to keep the focus on the final season of Snowfall for at least a little while, and then dive more into the world of the Mayans a little bit later on. We hope that come late March or early April, a new trailer will be out there.


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