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LPBW’s Audrey Criticized For Giving Potentially Dangerous Advice

Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff has been subjected to heavy criticism once again after giving potentially dangerous non-medical advice to a fan. The former reality TV star joined the TLC reality show in 2014 after she tied the knot with one of Matt and Amy Roloff’s oldest sons, Jeremy Roloff. Audrey remained a regular on LPBW for a few years until July 2018, when the couple shocked the world by announcing their decision to leave LPBW after giving fans an inside look at their family life.

A few years later, Little People, Big World’s Audrey Roloff is still as relevant as she can be, and even though she is not a part of LPBW anymore, the mom of three is still active on social media, with both fans and critics following along as she shares snippets of her life, but she’s now coming under fire for some advice she recently gave. Audrey took to her Instagram Story for a short Q&A session, answering various questions from her followers. During the session, a curious fan asked Audrey for some treatment ideas for strep, “instead of or along with antibiotics.” Audrey responded, “I’ve experienced a lot of relief from making ‘thieves’ tea. Couple drops thieves, organic lemon, raw honey! [Not] medical advice.”

While Audrey may have offered such advice with the hope it could be helpful, some LPBW fans thought it was misleading and potentially dangerous and took to Reddit to call her out. In a thread started by user PsychoTink, CasualRampagingBear recalled their experience with a similar infection and how potentially life-threatening it was. They also emphasized antibiotics being the most effective cure for the infection before criticizing Audrey by saying, “Strep is not something to be taken lightly and even putting the other person’s comment on her Q&A shows she advocates for ‘crunchy’ medical options…It doesn’t matter if she says ‘not medical advice,’ just don’t post that comment.”

The backlash may be a bit overwhelming for many but not for Audrey. The former LPBW star has come under fire a lot in the last few years for her insensitive posts, parenting choices, and many other reasons. Not too long before this latest Instagram Story, Audrey was criticized for copying Tori and Zach Roloff’s idea of taking their kinds to Disneyland for a vacation as well as her Valentine’s Day Post. Regarding the latter, the mom of three took to social media to share a picture of her and her daughter Ember sitting at their kitchen table, addressing cards to Ember’s classmates. While it wasn’t a bad idea, each Valentine’s Day card had a religious message.


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