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Looks Like Supernatural Star’s Return Won’t Save The Winchesters

As the first season of The Winchesters goes on, the writers try to sweeten the deal for the old-time fans by introducing characters from the original series.

The hype of Dean Winchester being somewhere close is a big enough reason for many to keep watching: some even claim he’ll finally appear on the screen in the last episode of the season next week. But there’s more!

In episode 12, we saw another unexpected return: Rowena, the fan-adored witch from the original series, made an appearance! Considering how loved she has always been, you’d think it will boost The Winchesters by quite a lot.

Turns out, fans are actually not that happy.While everyone appreciated seeing Rowena again, many people thought of it as an attempt to carry the series on pure nostalgia, which is an understandable concern. The fact that episode 12 exploited two other elements from Supernatural only adds to that.

“As much as I was hyped to see Rowena, tiny nuggets of nostalgia can’t carry a show! Literally, this episode just hung everything they had on a Sam-is-afraid-of-clowns Easter egg, 5 seconds of Dean narration, and 10 mins of Rowena cameo,” Reddit user KLLTHEMAN wrote.

It appears this approach is not good enough for fans: the writers need to try harder to keep the audience happy. Simply implementing bits and pieces — however great they are — from the previous series is not going to cut it.

However, considering the hype around Dean’s potential return in the next episode and the fact that Rowena might stay and influence the course of further events, we’ll see about that. As much as this approach is dependent on Supernatural’s success, it may as well still prove fruitful, seeing even the fans that already turned their backs on The Winchesters come back to the show.


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