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‘Living With Chucky’ Poster Pays Homage to the ‘Child’s Play’ Franchise

For fans (like me) who are patiently waiting for the first bits of production news surrounding Chucky Season 3 to surface (updates that will no doubt come from our boots on the ground queen Jennifer Tilly), we’re fortunate enough that Kyra Elise Gardner will soon be unboxing the Child’s Play universe and taking us along for the ride. Living With Chucky will document the slasher franchise’s climb to the top shelf and how it has impacted those closest to it. Pulling from her own experience and background as the daughter of the legendary special effects artist Tony Gardner (Hocus Pocus, Wild Wild West), the filmmaker will use those tight familial bonds to share how the franchise (like its main character) has weathered the test of time to keep coming back project after project. Today, the UK-based studio, Lightbulb Film Distribution, has shared the documentary’s poster which features some fun callback imagery from the decades-spanning franchise.

Paying homage to the cover art for 1990’s Child’s Play 2, the poster features the killer doll seated atop his box while Gardner stands behind him with a giant pair of scissors. Wearing matching outfits, the duo look like they have plans for a sleepover but this time it’s Chucky who better watch his back. While there have been many different rebuilds over the years, the Living With Chucky poster features the serial killer possessed doll in the approachable way that Syfy and USA Network audiences have spotted him in the hit series, Chucky. Sparing no detail, the poster’s trim is identical to that of the box that houses Chucky and his fellow Good Guys.

A must-watch for any Child’s Play fan, Gardner left no stone unturned when she set out to make her deep dive into the Don Mancini-created franchise. Going back through the years, she not only sat down for interviews with longtime Child’s Play names like Tilly, Brad Dourif, Christine Elise, Fiona Dourif, Billy Boyd, and Alex Vincent, but she also scored face-time with guest stars like the legendary John Waters who made both his debut and bow in the franchise’s fifth installment, Seed of Chucky. Of course, she also spoke with the puppet-master himself, her father Tony Gardner, as well as a slew of big names in the entertainment industry.


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