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Is Blake Gallo leaving Chicago Fire in season 11?

The promo for the new episode of Chicago Fire laid it on thick. There was a voiceover stating that Gallo (Alberto Rosende) was in the field and that danger was afoot. Then there was a cut to Violet (Hanako Greensmith) and the text: “Will it happen again?” which alludes to the death of her last boyfriend, Hawkins (Jimmy Nicholas).

Now, most fans watching the promo ascertained that Gallo wasn’t going to die, especially in the identical way that Hawkins died. That would be too much emotional trauma to place on Violet, plus Gallo was on the scene when Hawkins died, and he nearly bit the dust himself. Putting him in the same situation twice would not be a particularly novel concept. Still, fans had to entertain the notion that the character might be struggling with his feelings for Violet, and considering leaving the 51 so that he can focus on his work.

Did Gallo die on Chicago Fire?
We will admit, Gallo came a lot closer to death in “Damage Control” than we expected. The ceiling of a burning building collapsed while Gallo was still inside, and he was buried under the rubble. He managed to make it out with little more than a cut on his neck, but it did seem like he was in serious danger for a second. Violet was visibly shaken by the ordeal, as it naturally reminded her of Hawkins’s death. She nagged Gallo to get the cut on his neck looked at, and was attentive to any side effects he might have for the rest of the episode.

Thankfully, the character seemed okay. The episode was less a matter of Gallo second-guessing his career at the 51 and more a means of bringing him and Violet even closer together. The kiss they shared during last week’s episode was a sign that they were cozying up to one another again, and the association that Violet made between Gallo and Hawkins suggests that she perceives them in a similar light. Gallo isn’t going anywhere, and frankly, the show seems hell-bent on spotlighting the complex relationship between him and Violet as season 11 wears on.


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