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Harris’ Pregnancy Plot Twist On The Conners Has Fans Divided

Harris’ latest pregnancy twist on The Conners has fans divided. Not long after it is revealed that Darlene and David’s firstborn is pregnant, she suffers a miscarriage in the Roseanne spin-off prequel. In “Possums, Pregnancy and Patriarchy,” it was revealed that Harris was unexpectedly pregnant with her ex, Kai’s, baby. The extended Conners clan soon weighed in, with Jackie and Darlene suggesting she should terminate the pregnancy. Meanwhile, Dan was trying to convince her to keep the baby. In the end, though, Harris’ pregnancy ended in tragedy.

Instead of being sympathetic to Harris’ struggle, fans are having a difficult time processing the tragedy. Taking it to Twitter, several The Conners viewers made their opinions known about how the ABC family comedy handled Harris’ pregnancy arc, and not everyone is satisfied with the latest plot twist. Check out the tweets below:


Why Harris’ Pregnancy Arc In The Conners Season 5 Is So Divisive
Becky, Darlene, and Harris discussing about the Healy’s firstborn pregnancy in The Conners
Admittedly, The Conners’ Harris pregnancy reveal was already divisive. Throughout Roseanne’s run, the franchise has seen its fair share of the same plot line. Despite that, it made for an interesting arc considering how the rest of the clan had different opinions about the matter. Ultimately, Harris decided to keep the baby before she suffered the miscarriage.

Looking at the tweets, it seems like the big problem viewers have about The Conners season 5’s narrative is how it was executed. Harris’ pregnancy was only a part of the story for one episode before the family comedy ended the arc. The Conners didn’t give it time to properly play out, which would have been better in terms of effectively conveying the strong emotions of seeing someone going through that kind of loss.

Another issue comes with how Harris has been acting toward her family. Granted that her relationship with her mom Darlene has been tumultuous, some viewers pointed out that it was difficult to be sympathetic towards her when she’s portrayed as a brat all the time. It’s unclear what’s next for Harris on The Conners, but hopefully, she learns the right lessons from this experience.


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