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Dragon Ball Super Reveals Why Krillin Didn’t Get a Super Hero Powerup

Dragon Ball Super chapter 90 just gave another reason why Krillin couldn’t have played a more critical role in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

The Dragon Ball Super manga finally just explained why Piccolo and not Krillin received a special power-up in the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero film. In chapter 90 of Dragon Ball Super, Krillin’s investigation into earlier incidents of grave robbing leads the former Z fighter to arresting the future Super Hero villain Dr. Hedo for the crime in question. Krillin also learns that Dr. Hedo is Dr. Gero’s grandson and that the Red Ribbon Army is targeting him for reasons unknown at the time.

Krillin Knew Too Much to Appear Early in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero
Because Krillin is aware of Dr. Hedo, he obviously couldn’t have been involved in the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero film in a meaningful capacity. The manga’s current arc and latest chapter transpire before the events of the Super Hero movie, and since the beginning of the movie, which includes the moment when Piccolo summons Shenron to get stronger, involves the Namekian finding out these crucial facts on his own, Krillin couldn’t have been there because his presence would have eliminated chunks of the storyline. Of course, Piccolo could have thought of recruiting Krillin for additional help upon making his discovery about Dr. Hedo’s identity and connection to the Red Ribbon Army, but by that time, Super Hero had already placed most of the focus on the Namekian, so a Krillin cameo in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, would have felt cheap and too sudden.

The nature of Piccolo’s wish in Super Hero already eliminated Krillin from being a recipient. Krillin and Gohan already had their true potential unlocked from Grand Elder Guru. Ironically, because Dende couldn’t replicate what Guru did on Namek, Piccolo had to rely on Shenron to emulate this awakening, and he decided to give Piccolo “something extra,” which clearly played a role in Piccolo’s transformation in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. If the argument for Piccolo’s wish was that it was the only natural way for him to get stronger, then it’s possible for Krillin and Gohan to receive something as well. Emulating Guru’s technique to unlock Piccolo’s latent powers wasn’t the only option for getting stronger, so Krillin and Gohan could have gotten a special boost from Shenron as well. All three of them underwent a similar type of awakening, so there is no evidence to suggest that their bodies wouldn’t have been able to handle it.

Shenron’s Personality Suggests a Secret About the Eternal Dragon
Shenron obviously respects and reveres Piccolo, so there’s a possibility that the eternal dragon would have refused to upgrade Krillin and Gohan. Although there’s no definitive proof, comparing Shenron to other eternal dragons like planet Cereal’s Toronbo in the Dragon Ball Super manga suggests that Shenron could be refusing to grant wishes because he doesn’t want to instead of not being able to. Shenron possesses a severe dislike for wasting time, oftentimes trying to expedite the wish-making process whenever requests aren’t made in a timely or efficient manner. Meanwhile, Toronbo has shown a willingness to go above and beyond to explain why certain wishes can’t be granted to his summoners. So, it’s plausible that Shenon could have refused to grant a power-boosting wish for Krillin even if he had been there.

Krillin’s knowledge of the mysteries in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero may not be the real reason why he couldn’t receive a power up and play a larger role in the movie. Based on what Dragon Ball Super fans know for sure though, this is the most logical explanation for Krillin’s small role in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is available for preordering on the Crunchyroll store and releases on April 19.


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