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Does Georgia die in New Amsterdam?

If there’s one thing you’ve probably learned from watching the first season of New Amsterdam, it’s probably that Max Goodwin has been having a really rough time. Most of the main cast has, actually. But Max learns early on in the show that he has cancer and later he must contend with another tragedy.

Spoilers ahead for New Amsterdam

When we first meet Max, he’s married to Georgia Goodwin, who is played by actress Lisa O’Hare. Lisa is an English actress known for her stage career, including playing Mary Poppins at the West End in the UK. She’s also starred in shows like Netflix’s The Sandman, The Closer, and even guest-starred in an episode of Wednesday. But what happens to Lisa’s character Georgia in New Amsterdam. Does she survive the show’s first season? We know she gets pregnant and her and Max are excited and happily anticipating the birth of their daughter, Luna.

Does Georgia die in New Amsterdam?

Yes, Max’s wife Georgia dies in the season 1 finale, although fans don’t find out she died until the season 2 premiere. At the end of season 1, Georgia had problems giving birth to her and Max’s daughter Luna. Her placenta ruptured, causing her to bleed out.

Even though Max, Georgia, Lauren, and Helen are able to get into an ambulance to go to the hospital, it never makes it there because a suspect escapes police custody, steals an ambulance, and crashes it into the one carrying the doctors and Georgia. The season 1 finale ends with someone being taken out of the ambulance in a white sheet and in season 2, we learn that Georgia died on the operating table after the crash. Are you sad that Georgia dies in New Amsterdam? Were you shocked by the sudden death? What did you think of the show’s first season? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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