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5 Unexpected Shows You’ll Love As a Below Deck Fan

The Bravo TV show Below Deck hit the sweet spot for the American audience tired of everyday errands and dreaming of a cruise. With 10 seasons of 153 episodes total and several successful spinoffs, the show continues to grab viewers’ attention. Between hardships of dangerous filming conditions and COVID-19 restrictions, Below Desk was able to survive and continues to thrive.

Many fans of the series are beyond excited to see their favorites in every episode, and cannot wait to see more of them. As season 10 comes to an end, many start to think about what to do with their free time and what to watch instead of Below Deck to kill off their hunger for drama, adventure, and ocean freedom. A group of Reddit enthusiasts came together to create a perfect watchlist for any Below Deck fan.

Deadliest Catch
This Discovery Channel show follows crab fishermen aboard fishing vessels in the Bering Sea. If you are interested in more dangerous and breathtaking adventures than the staff drama aspect of Below Deck, Deadliest Catch may be just a series for you.

VanderPump Rules
Another Bravo hit that you might’ve skipped before may be your next favorite show! Starting as a spinoff of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it has aired for nine seasons and focuses on Lisa Vanderpump and the staff at her restaurants and bars.

Avenue 5
A cruise ship… In space? This TV show would be perfect for both steamy drama enjoyers and fans of futuristic novels. Bonus points for every House M.D. fan: you will especially enjoy Hugh Laurie as a captain.

The Traitors
A reality TV show that doesn’t really have to do anything with Below Deck besides Kate Chastain, who’s not only been starring in Below Deck but also stayed as an executive producer of Bravo’s Chat Room. It’s always nice to have a little crossover.

Southern Hospitality
Although not rated too highly, Southern Hospitality may be a good choice for everyone looking for a no-brainer show. Rich and always happy friends living in Charleston will definitely make you forget about your mundane life.


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