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3 Moments That Prove Better Call Saul Is Better Than Breaking Bad

Better Call Saul is significantly better than Breaking Bad, and these 3 scenes prove how much the prequel has improved on the original series.

There has been a lot of debate about if Better Call Saulis better than Breaking Bad, but these 10 moments prove that it actually is. Breaking Bad is one of the most beloved and critically-acclaimed TV shows of all time, with it raising the bar for the quality of prestige TV to new heights. However, Better Call Saul stood up to the challenge and surpassed it, with 10 scenes proving that Better Call Saul is truly better than Breaking Bad.

Better Call Saul is the prequel to Breaking Bad, with the series focusing on Walter White’s lawyer, Saul Goodman (who in the prequel goes by Jimmy McGill). All kinds of Breaking Bad characters are in Better Call Saul, with many of the side characters from the original series getting greatly expanded on throughout Better Call Saul’s six seasons. This gives Better Call Saul more time to improve on the story of Breaking Bad, with these 10 scenes highlighting just how much better the prequel was.

Gus Fring’s Scene At The Wine Bar

Gus Fring is a terrifying villain in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, but his scene at the wine bar in season 6 makes him a better character in the prequel. The season 6 scene all but confirmed that Gus Fring was gay, something that was subtly implied in a flashback scene in Breaking Bad. This was a huge fan theory throughout Breaking Bad’s run, and the fact that Better Call Saul confirmed this makes Gus Fring a more three-dimensional character than he was in Breaking Bad.

Howard Hamlin’s Death

Howard from Better Call Saul looking disheveled and scared.
Although the aforementioned scenes mostly improved on elements of Breaking Bad, Howard Hamlin’s death scene proves that the sequel is better due to it being the tensest sequence in the Breaking Bad universe. The scene was perfect, with it converging Better Call Saul’s drug cartel and HHM storylines. Lalo’s killing of Howard was so shocking that it blew up the internet immediately after it aired, and it was the last scene before the Better Call Saul season 6 mid-season break. Howard Hamlin’s death was more tragic, shocking, and tense than any of the major character deaths in Breaking Bad.

Kim Wexler Escaping To Florida

The final scene that makes Better Call Saul better than Breaking Bad is when Saul discovers that Kim has escaped Albuquerque and is living in Florida. The Breaking Bad universe is full of tragic endings for horrible people, with Walt, Gus, and Mike dying, Jesse hiding in Mexico, and Saul getting sentenced to prison for the rest of his life. Out of all the main characters, Kim is the only one that realizes her mistakes and makes it out unscathed, showing that Better Call Saul can still do something new even at the very end of the Breaking Bad universe.


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