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NBC exec on Chicago Fire renewal: ‘good news will come’

Chicago Fire has continued to drum up strong ratings for NBC. The firefighting drama hasn’t missed a beat despite being on the air for a decade, so it’s a bit odd that the network hasn’t already renewed it for additional seasons.

The last time NBC renewed Fire, it had done so at the top of the year, and for multiple seasons. Now that we’re turning the corner into February, the fact that season 12 hasn’t been locked down raises a red flag for audiences. Will the show be coming back at all?

NBCUniversal TV and streaming chairman of entertainment content Susan Rovner weighed in on during a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

Is Chicago Fire going to be canceled in 2023?
Rovner, who has been forthright about the status of the One Chicago franchise for many years, was asked about Fire, along with the other Dick Wolf shows that are (technically) on the chopping block.

“There’s a lot of life and all things stick well” she told the outlet. “And I’m sure good news will come soon.” While it was undoubtedly meant to be an answer that didn’t commit to one side or the other, the bit about “good news” coming soon does suggest that NBC plans to renew Fire and its peer shows.

While there wasn’t much given in terms of a timeline or expected renewal date, Rovner did shed light on why some shows, namely, Quantum Leap, have already been renewed, while network bedrocks like Fire and Law and Order: SVU are still waiting to confirm their next installment.


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