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What time is The Good Doctor on tonight? (Jan. 30, 2023)

Shaun and Lea will take a trip away in The Good Doctor Season 6, Episode 11. What time can you want the new episode on ABC tonight? Of course, when main characters go on a vacation and we get to see that vacation, we know it’s not going to be as peaceful as they want. Shaun and Lea will have a medical emergency to deal with, but this isn’t to do with Lea or the baby. Nor is it Shaun.

While they’re away, a dog is hit by a car. The right thing for them to do is to take the dog to a vet, and it ends up leading to them potentially adding a new member to their family. The vet thinks putting the dog down is the best thing, but Lea can’t face that. Instead, she wants Shaun to find a surgery that will save the dog. She also wants to adopt the dog. I guess Shaun is finding a surgery that will save this good boy’s life.

The Good Doctor Season 6, Episode 11 release time on ABC
You’ll want to watch the episode live to see how it all turns out. All I’m going to say is the dog better not die. I am not going to keep watching things where dogs die. I do get a sense that Shaun will figure something out and the dog will become part of his and Lea’s family from now on. You can watch the new episode straight after a new episode of The Bachelor. The Good Doctor airs at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC tonight, Monday, Jan. 30. Check out the promo for The Good Doctor Season 6, Episode 11:


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