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The Most Shocking Reality TV Moments Of 2022 Explained

2022 has been a great year for reality TV, with no shortage of shocking moments from shows, like Sister Wives, Love is Blind, and Welcome to Plathville. While franchises like Below Deck and Survivor were struggling with stale drama and lackluster seasons, other shows were bringing more entertainment than ever. Whether the reality shows were exploring unique family dynamics or following singles looking for love in unusual places, these shows produced several iconic moments this year.

Three shows have been bringing the heat in 2022, starting with the family from rural Georgia, Welcome to Plathville. Season 4 explored the older Plath kid setting out on their own away from their overbearing parents. Love is Blind returned with another cast of hopefuls looking to fall in love without seeing who they are talking to until they get engaged. Sister Wives started out with Christine’s exit from the family but has since delivered several shockers.Welcome to Plathville fans know how devoted Kim and Barry Plath appeared in the show’s first few seasons. The unconventional parents raised their nine kids in isolation, but there were cracks in their marriage that fans did not know about. They went from supporting one another unconditionally to Kim saying she no longer wanted to be married to Barry and blaming their controversial parenting on him. Since then, Kim has continued to shock Plathville fans in the news by getting arrested for a DUI, though she was against alcohol for two decades.Viewers have seen a lot of outrageous things on Netflix’s hit reality show Love is Blind, but season 3 brought an iconic moment that stood out among the rest.

Contestant Andrew Liu went viral for his reaction to getting rejected by Nancy Rodriguez in episode 3. Andrew checked if the cameras were rolling, proceeded to take out eye drops, and put them in his eyes to mimic the effects of real tears. He continued to talk about how hurt he was by the rejection, and fans were so shocked that he would go to those lengths for some screen time. It was also surprising that the editors left the clip exposing his scheme in the episode of Love is Blind.Sister Wives season 17 has turned out to be one of the most dramatic in the show’s long history.

It started out by showing Christine Brown leaving Kody Brown and setting off on her own, which fans fully supported. As the season has gone on, Robyn, Janelle, and Meri Brown have all struggled with the new dynamic in the family. Though Kody’s only solid marriage is to his favorite wife Robyn now, it was still shocking that he went public with his split from both Meri and Janelle. In a clip from the Sister Wives Tell-All, Kody said he doesn’t consider himself married to Meri anymore, and made the second bombshell announcement that he and Janelle are separated.


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