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Call The Midwife fans concerned over future of series after Nonnatus House news

Elsewhere in Poplar and around Nonnatus House, Dr Turner (played by Stephen McGann) and Sister Veronica (Rebecca Gethings) arranged a men’s health talk at the surgery, while Sister Julienne (Jenny Agutter) was left fighting to keep Nonnatus house and their maternity ward up and running. Fans of the series were left worried for the future of Nonnatus House after the health board threatened their existence.Opening the episode, Nurse Crane (Linda Bassett) noticed some of their equipment had stopped working and shouted: “It’s stone-cold! These instruments are no better than they were when they went in!”

Annoyed by the inconvenience, Trixie Franklin (Helen George) asked: “How am I supposed to do the district round without a fully stocked bag?” Finding a solution, Nurse Crane admitted: “We’ll have to boil everything manually! Sister Monica Joan can help.” Later, Fred Buckle (Cliff Parisi) and Reggie Jackson (Daniel Laurie) were in the kitchen of Nonnatus house attempting to fix their equipment.After ringing the doorbell and being ignored, a man entered the house to find Fred and Reggie, with Fred asking: “Greetings, guv’nor. May I be of assistance?”

The man explained: “My name is Threapwood. I’m chairman of the Board of Health. Are you a medical equipment specialist?” Laughing, Fred replied: “No. Jack-of-all-trades. I’ll turn my hand to most things if it helps the sisters out. Yeah. Same down the maternity home. “There’s always a bed that wants fixing, gas and air that needs looking at. Nothing wrong with a little bit of made do and mend. “Even if the friendly millionaire does cough up for most of the extras. It’s a miracle where those sisters make ends meet.” Concerned, Threapwood asked: “Are you able to specify what the ‘extras’ are?” to which Fred openly revealed: “Rent. Furniture.”Even the midwives’ wages. Not to mention this malarkey. I am not going to give up. Even millionaires don’t have money to burn.”

Stunned, Threapwood walked over to the table and handed Fred a small piece of paper and said: “Upon Sister Julienne’s return, would you be so kind as to give her my card, and tell her I called on a visitor inspection.” Finally finding the free time, Sister Julienne made it to Threapwood’s office as he greeted her: “Ah Sister, sorry to have kept you waiting. “Take a seat. Thank you for sparing me the time. I called you in today because I thought it was time to refresh our understanding of the Order’s position.” Sister Julienne responded: “Our position in Poplar,” however Threapwood was quick to correct her: “We encourage the name Tower Hamlets since the inception of the GLC.” She tried to continue: “Of course. But we cover much the same area as we always have…” however Threapwood got straight to the point: “And with a great deal of autonomy.


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