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5 Reasons Why Grey’s Anatomy Should Come with a Warning Label

Grey’s Anatomy, the medical drama that has had us on the edge of our seats for years, is a guilty pleasure we just can’t quit. But let’s be real, it’s not always the most accurate representation of the medical field.

No character is safe from being killed off

Grey’s Anatomy fans try their best not to get too attached to their favorite doctors because the show is notorious for killing off characters without warning.

Viewers are often left shocked and heartbroken and have seen far too many casualties over the years. Danny Duquette, George O’Malley, Lexie Grey, Derek Shepherd, and Andrew DeLuca are just a few of the tragic casualties over the years that fans still haven’t gotten over. Fans know now to keep the tissue box on hand.

There are sex scenes, lots of them

With a cast as attractive as that of Grey’s Anatomy, it’s no surprise that sexual tension in the hospital is high. The show is packed with steamy moments inside and outside the hospital.

There’s sex in On-call rooms, exam rooms, supply closets, and of course beds and showers. There’s makeup sex, breakup sex, first-time sex, and even ghost sex (Izzie and Denny).

For some, this may come as a shock and be a little bit too graphic, but for long-time Grey’s fans, it’s just a part of the show.

The characters aren’t always good role models

Grey’s Anatomy Killed Off One Of Its Best Minor Characters For No Reason

As much as many of the characters in the series are fan favorites, this doesn’t make them good people. They may save lives, but they are not immune from making poor choices. Besides a fair amount of infidelity by characters, there have been other incidents that should have landed some doctors in jail.

There are unauthorized surgeries, surgeries performed on co-workers, tampering with trials, cases of fraud and so much more, but almost no consequences for these acts. Some of these crimes may have been with good intentions, but in the real world they would never get away with such things, and fans sometimes forget this.

There’s blood and guts, literally

Being a medical drama, fans watching Grey’s Anatomy witness a fair amount of gore. There have been two strangers impaled by the same pole, a man who sawed off his foot, victims mauled by a lion as well as many victims of everyday accidents. Viewers with weak stomachs should be warned, they will see it all, and it can be pretty graphic.

Grey’s addresses many different issues

The series definitely wouldn’t be easy to watch for sheltered or sensitive viewers, as they have been known to address some serious issues. From being one of the first shows to feature a homosexual relationship, Grey’s Anatomy has continued to push boundaries to bring awareness and equality, and some people still aren’t accepting of this.

Grey’s Anatomy: 5 Worst Couples That Should Have Never Happened

The show has addressed issues including Black Lives Matter, Gay rights, abortion regulation, Immigrant rights, gun violence, sexual violence, and more, some may find it too political or controversial but most fans applaud the show for focusing on relevant and important issues.


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