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One Piece’s Manga Ending Supposedly Revealed

Initially reported by Anime Senpai, a Reddit user called gohdroger posted a detailed synopsis of the series’ finale on the One Piece subreddit. Although Gohdroger claims to be only a fan theorist with no connections to Eiichiro Oda or Toei Animation, many fans speculate that they know Eiichiro Oda, as their past theories have accurately predicted events and developments in the One Piece manga.

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About One Piece’s Supposed Ending
According to Gohdroger, One Piece’s last arc will have Luffy travel 900 years back into the past and meet two brothers, Franky and Bonney, who each have their own devil fruits. These brothers will supposedly help Luffy return to his time, although Kuma, the Sorbet Kingdom’s former king, will die trying to save one of them. This ending will also reveal the four original devil fruits, born from people’s desires. These fruits, named after powerful deities, are called “Sun God,” “Air God,” “Earth God,” and “Rain God.” Dragon, Luffy’s father, supposedly wields the Rain God fruit. Gohdroger also explains why the legendary Blackbeard can wield multiple devil fruits due to his having multiple hearts.

Gohdroger’s ending also describes a conflict between two brothers named Im and Dryas. Im, the Crown Prince of his nation, secretly plots with 20 other countries to steal the crown from Dryas, who gets revealed as the next heir to the throne. As this storyline unfolds, it will involve Luffy meeting up with his father, the villain Enel’s return to earth, and a climactic showdown between Luffy and Blackbeard that takes place in a dream realm. Luffy will also end the existence of the devil fruits by “willing” their return to nature.

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Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga launched in Weekly Shonen Jump in July 1997, and it has since become the best-selling manga series of all time, with over 516.6 million copies sold worldwide as of Dec. 26, 2022. Last year, Oda announced that he was working on the series’ last story arc, although the artist did clarify that it could take several years for the arc to run its course. Netflix is producing a live-action One Piece series, slated to premiere sometime this year. On Jan. 10, the franchise released the highly-anticipated video game, One Piece Odyssey, a turn-based RPG that revolves around the Straw Hat pirates getting stranded on a mysterious island called Waford and working together to escape it.


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