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Why LPBW Producers Had Tori Roloff Get Her Makeup Professionally Done

Tori Roloff of Little People, Big World recently shared a video explaining her makeup routine and revealed that TLC producers had to hire a makeup tutor for her. Thanks to her extremely honest views, Zach Roloff’s wife has always been a fan favorite. The reality TV star is currently busy raising her three children and is not in a rush to apply a full face. Tori still put in her best effort with an entertaining Instagram live to walk her followers through her routine.

The brunette has always been on fans’ radar ever since first stepping foot onto Little People, Big World. She and Zach first met as kids while attending the same school and soon realized they liked one another. The couple dated for years, and Zach finally proposed when TLC cameras were rolling. The couple was also the first to marry on Roloff Farm. Little People, Big World star Tori is all about nature and living a genuine life, so she chooses not to hide her face behind much makeup.The mother of three has never wasted time putting on tons of makeup, as she prefers a more natural look. Tori took to her Instagram as she shared she had been trying for days to record a “Get Ready With Me” video for her followers. The Little People, Big World star finally decided that she would allow viewers a sneak peek into her bathroom routine since she had some time, thanks to her two youngest children taking a nap. She jokingly made a disclaimer to her viewers, noting that she has never been a makeup expert, but Tori still showed a willingness to try for the sake of her fans.

Tori Spills The Beans On Producers
While Zach and her oldest son, Jackson, hung out outside, Tori revealed that she was actually the exact opposite of an expert when it came to a beauty regime, noting she was a beginner and trying her best to learn. The Little People, Big World star shared that “even our producer, he even had this lady come in and try to teach me.” Sadly, even though Tori had been given a few lessons, she hadn’t caught on, revealing “it is what it is.”

Viewers of Little People, Big World loved watching Tori laugh and joke around with her makeup. During a follow-up video, the mother of three shared that she was too scared to even touch her eyebrows on her wedding day. She then asked if anyone had any recommendations, as she was all ears. Viewers are hoping that Tori gets a bit braver and keeps filming her trial and errors because her tutorials are very entertaining.


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