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Why Does The Mandalorian’s Captain Teva Wear a Rancor Patch?

The Mandalorian is not only exploring the intricacies of Mandalorian culture, but it’s also giving the audience a look at what life was like under the leadership of the New Republic. So far, there have only been glimpses of New Republic officers patrolling the Outer Rim, with the Captain Carson Teva being the main Republic officer. The new trailer offers another glimpse at Teva, and this time he is sporting a new jacket with a patch or insignia that is very clearly the face of a Rancor. This has fans wondering what a Rancor insignia could mean for Captain Teva and the Outer Rim.

Carson Teva has been around since The Mandalorian Season 2 and has become a staple of the Outer Rim under the New Republic. He recruited Cara Dune to be a Marshal for the New Republic and has had multiple encounters with Din Djarin, both in the Razor Crest and in his new N-1 starfighter. He was last seen on The Book of Boba Fett performing a patrol over Tatooine. Now, he is back in The Mandalorian Season 3, and he may have started a new unit or even gotten a new Marshal.

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Rancor Rangers of the New Republic
Carson Teva Rancor Mandalorian
A few years ago, there were several additional Star Wars shows announced for Disney+, one of which was called Rangers of the New Republic. This was originally going to be led by Gina Carano before she was fired from the franchise. Since then there has been little to no news about the series. Many fans considered it to be canceled. Yet, Carson Teva could be the person to lead this new series, and the Rancor could be the emblem of his new squad. Since the Rancor is a fearsome and powerful symbol in the Outer Rim, he could want his Rangers to represent that same power when they’re enforcing the law.

There is another character who has also become closely related to a Rancor: Boba Fett. While it’s a long shot to think that Boba would join up with the New Republic, he could become a Marshal within the Outer Rim. Despite being marketed as a “crime boss,” he doesn’t really commit crimes anymore. Captain Teva may be wearing a Rancor insignia because he is patrolling Tatooine and Boba Fett is the Marshal of that territory. Getting to see more of Boba and his Rancor would be incredible, and it would be interesting to see how Boba would interact with the New Republic Rangers.

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The Future of Carson Teva
Carson Teva is shaping up to be a much larger character on The Mandalorian than it seems he was originally going to be. With Cara Dune likely gone from the galaxy, Carson makes sense to take her place as the leader of the Rangers. He has displayed great discretion and leadership skills and understands that the Outer Rim isn’t as black and white as the Core Worlds. Seeing him in the trailer shows that The Mandalorian is looking to expand his role, and the emergence of his own insignia could mean big things for him.

There were plenty of amazing clues to what lay ahead in the Season 3 trailer for The Mandalorian. Carson Teva’s new insignia could mean a lot of different things for the New Republic officer. The insignia could simply be the sign of a new squad, using the Rancor to represent their power in the Outer Rim. Or it could be a sign that Boba Fett has become Tatooine’s Marshal and that Captain Teva is assigned to Tatooine. Getting to see the future of Captain Teva is interesting, and it could mean the revival of Rangers of the New Republic.


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