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Walt & Jesse Reunite To Recreate Breaking Bad Scene In Super Bowl Ad

Bryan Cranston’s Walter White and Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman reunite to recreate an iconic Breaking Bad scene in a Super Bowl ad for PopCorners chips.

Walt and Jesse reunite to recreate an iconic Breaking Bad scene for a Super Bowl ad. Widely considered one of the best dramas in the history of television, Breaking Bad famously follows Bryan Cranston as Walter White, a dispirited high school chemistry teacher who, after being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, teams up with his former student, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), to make crystal meth. Breaking Bad recently experienced a surge in popularity when Walt and Jesse returned in Better Call Saul season 6, and now, the two protagonists are set to return yet again in a Super Bowl commercial for PopCorners chips.

In the latest teaser for the PopCorners Super Bowl ad, Walt and Jesse reunited to recreate an iconic Breaking Bad scene. In the short video, Jesse attempts to start their mobile-meth lab RV while Walt warns him about flooding the engine. This ad is a scene recreation from Breaking Bad season 2, episode 9, “4 Days Out,” when the duo is unable to start their RV and, as a result, are stranded in the desert for days. Watch the teaser video above.

Everything We Know About The Breaking Bad Super Bowld
Late last year, PopCorners began teasing its Breaking Bad-themed Super Bowl ad with a shadowy image of the meth kingpin holding a bag of the popped-corn snacks, followed by a second photo that revealed Walt’s face. The marketing campaign continued with a short teaser video showing Jesse waiting for someone in the desert, presumably his partner in crime, Walt. Now, the duo has reunited yet again in the latest teaser and recreated an iconic Breaking Bad scene in the process.

The menacing drug lord Tuco Salamanca, played by Raymond Cruz in both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, will also return alongside Walt and Jesse in the PopCorners commercial. In addition to these three actors, Breaking Bad franchise creator Vince Gilligan also returned to direct the Super Bowl ad and the various teaser videos leading up to it. Based on the latest teaser, it appears they used the actual RV interior set seen in Breaking Bad.

Is This Walt & Jesse’s Last Hurrah?
Since Breaking Bad ended in 2013, Walt and Jesse have returned in Netflix’s El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Better Call Saul season 6, and now, the upcoming PopCorners Super Bowl commercial. With no Breaking Bad spinoffs currently on the horizon that would allow the two protagonists to return, this silly Super Bowl ad for snacks may be Walt and Jesse’s last hurrah together. Regardless of what the future holds, it is a moment to cherish what screen time Walt and Jesse have left together when the full PopCorners ad airs during Super Bowl LVII on February 12.


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