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Virgin River season 5 premiere date: The first footage?

We know that there’s a lot of enthusiasm out there surrounding Virgin River season 5 and ultimately, we don’t expect that to change in the near future. Think about the series’ ever-expanding viewership, plus also the oh-so-simple fact that the story left off in a place that makes us really eager for more.

At this point, it’s probably clear that we’ll happily take whatever the folks at the streaming service want to hand down. Maybe that’s an official trailer, or it could just be a sneak peek of a few seconds that better sets the stage for what’s ahead. We’re just in a waiting game to get some of that. Luckily, we do think that there’s at least a chance at something over the next couple of months. We’re trying to keep our expectations realistic and with that in mind, we don’t think we’ll get some sort of formal premiere-date announcement until April or May — provided, of course, that the show comes back in July as it has in the past.

Prior to that, though, we wouldn’t be shocked if come next month or March, we could see a tiny clip of something as a part of a larger sizzle reel from Netflix, something that sets the stage for a number of their upcoming shows. It never hurts to get the word out, or at the very least let people start to approximate as to when some of their favorite characters could be back. The more of an advance warning that we have, the better it will be in the long-term. After all, remember that we’re still interested in seeing the overall audience grow here! Also, this sort of far-in-advance hype could lead to an early season 6 renewal and more prep for whatever the long-term future could be.


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