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The Crown season 6: Where is it filmed?

Filming for The Crown season 6 – the final season of Netflix’s big budget royal drama – was paused in September 2022 following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, but production is now back up and running. Filming started in August 2022 and is expected to run until May or June 2023. Production is based at Elstree Studios, north of London, but cast and crew also venture to real-life filming locations to recreate certain moments in royal history.

From London and Winchester in the UK, to Paris and Palma de Mallorca in Europe, discover our complete guide to The Crown season 6 filming locations, below.In January 2023, the crew from The Crown were spotted at Winchester Cathedral, setting it up to prepare to film scenes for Princess Diana’s funeral. The gothic church was taking the place of Westminster Abbey, where the late Princess’s funeral took place in 1997. As reported by the Daily Mail, Winchester Cathedral was seen with cordons in place and location trucks on site, along with boxes of roses pictured scattered across the floor.

The Crown fans can visit Winchester Cathedral, and more information about visiting can be found on the church’s website. Winchester Cathedral has been used in previous seasons of The Crown, notably standing in for St Paul’s Cathedral for the funeral of Prime Minister Winston Churchill (John Lithgow) as well as the 1981 wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. The funeral procession scene – depicting William and Prince Harry – was filmed in secrecy at a disused RAF base in October 2022.


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