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Salma Hayek’s The Latest Celeb To Rock A See-Through Look On The Red Carpet, And She Took A Note From Megan Fox

Dakota Johnson is no stranger to taking risks. From her starring role in the “Fifty Shades” series of movies or her joking about kissing many women during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in order to prepare for a role, the actress is clearly not afraid to roll the dice on new ventures. However, if PETA is to be believed, the actor’s most compromising position might be her recent starring role in an ad campaign for Gucci. Johnson was recently named ambassador for Gucci’s Jackie 1961 series of handbags, and according to the animal rights group, some of the bags are made from authentic reptile skins. TMZ reports that the “Suspira” star became the focus of the nonprofit’s ire when she began modeling the iconic handbags from the House of Gucci. PETA claims a couple of the bags Dakota Johnson is seen modeling are made from authentic python and crocodile skins.

The campaign did not sit right with the animal rights organizations, so they sent a hotly-worded letter (which you can read in full) to inform and reprimand the actress. The Celebrity Outreach Principal, Jessica Shotorbani, also asked Johnson to “pledge” to stop modeling the bags that use exotic animal skins in their production. Trigger warning for discussions of animal cruelty; you can read part of the letter here. It’s been clear for a while but it’s been proven yet again: see-through looks are having a moment in the world of celebrity fashion right now. From Megan Fox to Florence Pugh, sheer and see-through dresses have been staples on red carpets for the last year or so, and now Salma Hayek is jumping on the trend by rocking a beautiful see-through dress at the Miami premiere of Magic Mike’s Last Dance.

The actress walked the carpet with her co-star Channing Tatum as they premiered their steamier and sexier Magic Mike movie. Hayek rocked a see-through, netted black gown, with embroidered with colorful flowers, leaves and fruits, perfect for a South Beach premiere. The fit was not only on trend, but it’s also the perfect outfit to rock in honor of the third installment in the Magic Mike franchise. From the trailer alone we’ve learned this Magic Mike movie will be as sexy as ever as Hayek and Tatums’ characters work together to start the Magic Mike live show, and the actress’s outfit fits the vibe and energy of these movies perfectly.


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