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One Punch Man 178 teases Tatsumaki and Saitama showdown after unusual cuddle

Despite now releasing on a bi-weekly basis, the One Punch Man manga series continues to draw in millions of readers around the world.

Today, the global community is seeing the series trend on social media as manga readers in Japan digest the latest installment, chapter 178.As confirmed by manga illustrator Yusuke Murata on Twitter, One Punch Man chapter 178 was scheduled to launch domestically in Japan on Thursday, January 26 at midnight JST. Whilst we are still waiting for confirmation on the English release date from Viz Media, the new chapter has already been translated and shared online. The latest One Punch Man manga chapter is titled ‘Do It Outside’ and opens with Air waking up at the local hospital mid-operation after he was defeated by a monster. Forte has also been admitted to the same hospital where Chain-Toad and Butterfly DX check on him.

Air is worried about losing his voice, but the doctors explain how they surgically enhanced him due to the severe injuries he sustained in the fight. Unfortunately, this only adds to Forte’s concern who thinks he is being ignored by everyone. He also begins to think that Saitama is a Psychic, similar to the powers possessed by Tatsumaki, because he was hit from behind while standing in front of him.Chain-Toad and Butterfly DX explain that he was hit by a car, adding that they asked him to never fight with his headphones on because it impairs his senses. However, just as Forte starts thinking about a revenge match vs Saitama, Chain-Toad and Butterfly DX leave the hospital room to check why there is commotion in the Monsters Containment area.

Cut to Saitama, who is being threatened with Tatsumaki’s psychic powers since he refused to let go of her hand after she told him to leave her alone. Her annoyance builds and builds with each exchange until powerful tremors shake the entire building. This is when Tatsumaki remembers Saitama as the guy who is usually with Genos; she is then confused at why he was even opposing her in the first place. Similarly, Saitama is getting more and more frustrated by Tatsumaki, so he asks Fubuki to take her Blizzard Group outside the building as he plans on taking down Tatsumaki if she continues to refuse to cooperate.

Tatsumaki asks Saitama how he knows her sister Fubiko, to which Saitama explains that they are acquaintances; an answer that both confuses and angers Tatsumaki. Becoming hysterical, Tatsumaki continues being unreasonable as she could see the desperation in Saitama’s actions in wanting to help Fubuki. She increases the intensity of her powers once again which causes the entire floor to twist around them. Reaching his breaking point, Saitama grabs hold of Tatsumaki and flies her outside so that she doesn’t cause any more collateral damage. The chapter ends with a shocked (but not angry) expression from Tatsumaki as she is pulled closer to Saitama’s chest; eyes as wide as they could possibly be.


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