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When will Call the Midwife series 12 land in the US?

Call the Midwife fans were delighted when series 12 returned to screens earlier this month. But the popular midwifery drama, which began in 2012, has grown quite the fan base overseas as well as in the UK. In fact, the series has built up a big fanbase in the States thanks to being aired on PBS annually. So when can US viewers look forward to watching the new episodes? Here’s what we know…

When will Call the Midwife air in the US?
Call the Midwife airs in the US on PBS and the broadcaster has confirmed that series 12 will begin on Sunday 19 March 2023. The first episode will air at 8/7c and the episodes will air on a weekly basis at the same time, running until 6 June.

What will Call the Midwife series 12 be about?
Although UK fans have been lucky enough to see four episodes in the new series so far, viewers overseas are wondering what’s in store for the beloved workers at Nonnatus House. Before the series officially commenced, creator Heidi Thomas did tease the storyline.

Series 12 of Call the Midwife will once again air on PBS
In late 2022, she told the BBC: “We’re looking at some very strong stories about the way society was changing at that time. In the very first episode of the new series, I realized the timing of that episode coincided exactly with Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood speech which made a huge difference, and not a very positive difference to race relations in Great Britain. “It was a big turning point for our society and the way we spoke of and behaved towards people who had come here from other countries, so that was something we felt we had to tackle.”

Who stars in Call the Midwife series 12?
Fans will be pleased to hear that the familiar faces they’ve come to know and love over the years will return for series 12. Stars such as Helen George, Linda Bassett, Leonie Elliott and Laura Main have all reprised their roles, while others like Megan Cusack and Stephen McGann will also feature in the new episodes.


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