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Trunks Just Created Dragon Ball’s First New Attack in Decades

Dragon Ball villains have always been more creative than the heroes, but Trunks’ new attack proves he is Dragon Ball Super’s most innovative fighter.

Trunks confirms he is Dragon Ball’s most creative fighter, debuting the first really innovative attack that the heroes of the franchise have used in a long time. Trunks’ “High Pressure” technique uses ki to produce a wind-based attack that cuts through the enemy, and he uses it to defeat the newly-introduced Android Beta in the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super.

Fighters in Dragon Ball usually fight in two main ways, with physical attacks or with a range of techniques that use ki, the spiritual energy that every warrior possesses. The most common type of ki attack is a ki blast, which projects a fighter’s energy toward their opponent. This is the basic principle behind iconic Dragon Ball attacks such as the Kamehameha or the Galick Gun, essentially just fancy names for ki blasts of various shapes and power. However, sometimes Goku and his friends display more unique and creative attacks, such as Krillin’s signature move, Kienzan (Destructo Disc), which is a sharp disc of ki that can cut through anything.

In chapter #89 of Dragon Ball Super, Trunks debuts the first new type of attack used by a hero in the series in a long time. After stumbling into Dr. Hero’s new androids project, Trunks and Goten destroyed the scientist’s lab and beat his first generation of androids, called Alpha. To investigate the boys and recover the stolen disc containing Cell’s blueprints, Hero sends a new android, Beta, to infiltrate Trunks and Goten’s school. After a brief battle, Beta tries to run away holding Mai hostage. To stop him without hurting the woman, Trunks launches a new attack, High Pressure, which creates sharp blades of air that cut through Beta’s robot, destroying it without harming Mai.

Trunks’ New Attack Proves That Dragon Ball’s Heroes Can Be As Innovative As Their Villains
Dragon Ball’s villains have always been more creative than its heroes. Majin Buu had a lot of weird but effective attacks (including turning people into candy). Moro from Dragon Ball Super had a vast array of magic-based abilities, including energy absorption. The heroes, however, usually rely on the classic ki attacks, which is why Trunks’ High Pressure move is an interesting innovation. Ki blasts are very destructive, and they are not fit for Trunks and Goten’s superhero activities as Saiyaman X-1 and X-2. High Pressure, instead, uses focalized ki to create powerful, pressurized air that can strike a specific target while avoiding the explosions that come with ki blasts, thus being more efficient when civilians are involved.

Trunks has always been one of the most innovative fighters in Dragon Ball. His Fusion with Goten, Gotenks, created some of the wildest Dragon Ball attacks ever seen. Future Trunks is the only Z-warrior to use a weapon to fight, and in Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks’ sword displays unique powers by combining with his ki. The new attack that debuted in chapter #89, High Pressure, proves that Trunks is still one of the most creative Dragon Ball warriors, able to adapt his techniques and abilities to the requirements of the situation.


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